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How a tree bark launched LAC.

The year was 1997 and the world had only just begun to realise just how vital antioxidants are to health, or really how destructive free radicals are when not kept in check. Free radicals damage cells’ DNA and tissue through a process called oxidation – the key cause for deliberating diseases from aging, arthritis to cancer.

LAC, short for Leader in Anti-oxidative Control, was born in realisation of the market’s need for a powerful antioxidant. MASQUELIER’s® French Pine Bark Extract was LAC’s first product, a patented and original product of Professor Jack Masquelier, the scientist who discovered the powerful antioxidant in French Pine Bark extract called Oligomeric Proanthocyanidines (OPCs), and pioneered the extraction and scientific work of this active compound.

Today, LAC has some 50 exceptional nutraceutical products providing discerning consumers with unparalleled solutions for their health and wellness. Focusing on beauty and wellness, LAC combines the best of eastern wisdom and western technology. For instance, LAC’s Activated Range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products are formulated by renowned Chinese physicians through extensive R&D and made only with the best available Oriental herbs and technology.

LAC products are currently available in North America, South America, Asia Pacific and Middle East through an extensive wholesale network. Its signature products include Taut® Collagen Infusion Therapy range, StemC™ Thoroughbred Placenta, Activated Liver Protector™ and VegiShield™ The Big C Fighter.

About ONI Global

ONI Global Group, headquartered in Singapore, is one of Asia's largest specialty retailer of nutritional products, vitamin, mineral, herbal and other specialty supplements and sports nutrition, diet and energy products.

The Company owns LAC brand that is distributed globally including China, Asia Pacific, USA, Middle East, Mexico, and is the sole franchisee for GNC in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan and operates over 200 retail stores spanning these countries. Its other subsidiaries include Xndo and Face On Clinic by Doctors. The Company is dedicated to ensuring consumers Live Well.

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