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  • Activated Lung Protect™ Activated Lung Protect™
  • LAC Activated Lung Protect™ (120 vegicaps) Front Box Free International Shipping SC LAC Activated Lung Protect™ (120 vegicaps) Front Box Free International Shipping SC
  • Activated Lung Protect™ Activated Lung Protect™
  • Activated Lung Protect™ Activated Lung Protect™
  • Activated Lung Protect™ Activated Lung Protect™
  • Activated Lung Protect™ Activated Lung Protect™
  • Activated Lung Protect™ Activated Lung Protect™

Activated Lung Protect™ (120 vegicaps)

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LAC Activated Lung Protect is a combination of TCM herbs which nourishes your lungs, boosts immunity, and relives dryness as well as internal body heat.
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Our lungs are one of the most important and active organs in our body. We can go for days without food and water, but only briefly without air. Unfortunately, our lungs are constantly exposed to multiple risk factors , of which not all can be avoided.


Exposure to heat and humidity from the sun can lead to dehydration, higher body temperatures and heatiness.

Haze particles can bypass our defense mechanisms and penetrate deep into our body, aggravating existing lung disease and causing respiratory problems.

Cars, planes and factories emit gases that are dangerous to our lungs. This can result in poor respiratory function.

Construction sites are often dusty and contain many hazardous substances. Consistent exposure can lead to serious lung damage.

Breathing in both first-hand and secondhand cigarette smoke can cause breathing problems such as asthma and lung disease.


Switching on the air-conditioner for long periods of time will dry out the air in your surroundings, irritating your throat and causing sinus.

Not getting the recommended sleep of 7 to 8 hours weakens your immune system against respiratory infections.

Organic dust (from living things) and inorganic dust (from chemicals and metals) can be present anywhere in our surroundings. As a result, we are all in danger of experiencing lung complications.

Poor dietary habits (low fruits and vegetables intake) increase your risk of developing lung diseases by 20%.*

Studies show that indoor air pollution (caused by cleaning products, cooking and air diffusers) is responsible for as much loss of life as automobile accidents.


Avoid going into the sun between 11am – 3pm, when the temperatures are the highest. If you have to go out, bring an umbrella with you or walk under shelter instead of being directly under the sun.


When encountering haze or construction work, wearing a mask helps to filter out unwanted particles and prevent them from being breathed in.


Instead of driving, reduce air pollution by walking or taking public transport.

Improve indoor air quality by making your home a smoke-free zone and dusting your furniture frequently.


For smokers, stop inhaling cigarette chemicals that damage your lungs!

For non-smokers, avoid second-hand smoke and environmental irritants.


Turn off the aircon when you are sleeping and use a fan instead. In a work environment, turn up the temperature to prevent surrounding air from drying out quickly.


Get at least 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep to allow your body to heal and restore itself.


Regular aerobic and cardiovascular exercise increases your lung's ability to absorb oxygen and expel toxic air from your body.


Go out for a walk in the park or hike up a hill to experience some clean, fresh air from the trees.


Staying well-hydrated keeps the mucosal linings in your lungs thin, allowing them to function better.


Ginger, apples, green tea and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower help to flush out toxins from our lungs.


Consider taking supplements that contain antioxidant Vitamins A and E, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and Cordyceps to nourish lungs and improve its' immunity.


a combination of 8 TCM herbs, in which you can reap the most benefits for your lung health!


Reduce body heatiness

Clear and nourish lungs

Promote body fluid production


Reduce body fluid retention

Boost lung immunity

Alleviate cough, sore throat and phlegm


Reduce body inflammation

Moisten lungs

Relieve cough and sore throat


Regulate blood circulation

Treat excessive perspiration

Soothe painful spasms in the body


Promote moisture production in lungs

Reduce dry phlegm

Relieve cough and sore throat


Increase body resistance against illnesses

Remove toxins from the body

Promote healthy blood circulation


Expel pathogens from body

Clear headache, sore and itching throat

Boost lung immunity


Relieve cough and dyspnea

Ease breathing difficulties

Strengthen respiratory health

Experience a breath of fresh air today with LAC Activated Lung Protect!

A person breathes in about 20kg of dust over a lifetime.

Your right lung is slightly larger than the left.

If your lungs were open flat, the 600 million alveoli in it would be able to cover an entire tennis court.

Smoking depletes the body’s vitamin C levels, compromising one’s overall immunity.*

Tobacco smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, of which more than 100 are toxic and about 70 can aggravate cancer cells.

We can hold our breath longer underwater than in air because of a mysterious function known as mammalian diving response.

Children and women breathe at a faster rate as compared to men.

Lungs are the only organs in the human body capable of floating on water.

Our lung capillaries can extend up to 1,600 kilometers if placed from end to end.

When resting, the average adult breathes around 12 to 20 times a minute.

Nutrition Details

Nutrition Details


Available in 120 vegicaps


9-18 years old: Take 3 vegicaps daily. 18 years old and above: Take 3 vegicaps, 2 times daily.


Each vegicap contains extract equivalent to raw herbs:

Ingredients Amount per Vegicap
Radix Rehmanniae 300mg
Radix Scrophulariae 240mg
Radix Paeoniae Alba 120mg
Radix Ophiopogonis 180mg
Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae 120mg
Cortex Moutan 120mg
Herba Menthae 75mg
Radix Glycyrrhizae 60mg

No known side effects.


Store in a cool dry place and keep out of children’s reach.


Not to be taken while suffering from influenza and/or fever, during pregnancy or lactation. Patients with hepatitis, kidney disease and other serious chronic illnesses should consult a physician before use.

Manufactured in Singapore.

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