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Activated Heart Protect™ (30 vegicaps)

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Suitable for people with lack of sleep, eat out often, lack physical activity, frequent travelers, high fat diet, exposed to stress, smokes, alcohol drinkers, seniors, family history of cardiac condition or concern for cardiac health.
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Every year, nearly 1 out of 3 deaths in Singapore
are caused by heart diseases.


Our arterial elasticity decreases as we grow older, resulting in our blood vessels being unable to take in more blood as compared to before.


Men are more likely to experience heart disease as compared to women. However, heart disease still remains as the leading cause of death for both sexes.


Genetics play a part in the status of your heart health. Having a family member that suffers from heart disease increases your risk by 3 fold.


Experiencing a heavy workload at home, in school or at work? A hectic lifestyle can increase your blood pressure and likeliness of experiencing heart disease.


Over 30% of medical problems stem directly from sleep. Both short and long sleepers actually have an increased risk of suffering from heart disease or stroke.


A cigarette a day transforms your blood to become thick and sticky. As a result, your heart has to pump harder to get blood to other parts of your body.


While exercising is good for you, too many high intensity workouts can cause irregular heart rhythm in later life, ultimately increasing your risk of heart attack and stroke.


Similarly, spending long periods of time without exercise or a lack of physical activity can also double your chances of developing heart disease.


Marathons are very popular events in Singapore. However, studies show that regular marathoners have a higher mortality rate due to the increased plaque in their arteries.


Being overweight increases your chances of experiencing heart disease by 50%. The
higher your body mass index (BMI), the higher your risk.


Too much sugary and fatty food in your diet? Beware of high levels of LDL ("bad") cholesterol that will build up in your arteries and clog your blood vessels.


1 in 3 Singaporeans suffer from diabetes, which makes it more difficult for your body to respond in the event of a stroke or heart disease.


The buildup of plaque in your blood vessels due to high levels of LDL cholesterol increases your chances of experiencing a heart attack, stroke or artery disease.


Constant pressure on the walls of your arteries makes it susceptible to cholesterol and calcium plaque formation, which can result in heart attack or stroke.


While we are unable to modify risk factors such as our age,
sex and genes, studies show that up to 90% of heart disease
can actually be prevented just by changing our lifestyle.


Go for regular checkups


Visit your doctor regularly to enquire about your cardiovascular health, especially if you have a family member who suffered from heart disease.


Take up a hobby


Pick up an activity that you enjoy to de-stress from your hectic lifestyle.


Get sufficient sleep


Prioritise at least 7-8 hours of good quality sleep to reduce your risk of heart diseases.


Quit smoking


Improve your cardiovascular health by quitting smoking.


Exercise the right way


Completing at least 150 minutes of exercise (e.g. jogging and swimming) every week is ideal. While exercising, always remember to take a break and not over-exert yourself.

For marathoners, always start training at least 1 year before the actual event. Consider running shorter races and build up your weekly mileage over time.


Maintain a healthy weight


Reduce LDL cholesterol levels by losing the excess weight.


Watch your diet


Cut down on the sugar and fat in your diet. Consider healthier alternatives such as fruits and nuts to curb cravings.


Eat a heart-healthy diet




Red Yeast Rice

Nattokinase –
Powerful Fibrinolytic*




Manage blood
pressure health

Promote healthy


Promote healthy
blood and oxygen

Emulsify fat deposits
on arterial walls

Keep blood
vessels clean

Rejuvenate fat
metabolism rate

Maintain healthy
heart rhythm




The first heart transplant was in 1967.


Your heart pumps 1.5 gallons of blood per minute.


You cannot live for more than 5 minutes if your heart stops beating.


A baby's first heart cell starts to beat as early as 4 weeks.


The heart beats about 2.5 billion times over the average lifetime.


Our heart weighs about 300g and is approximately the size of your fist.


A woman’s heart typically beats faster than a man’s.


Our liver is one of the busiest organs in our body that regulates our blood cholesterol levels.


Vitamin D is made from cholesterol in our skin when it is exposed to sunlight.


Trans fats are the worst fats for your health and can be found in packaged, processed and fried food.


* Fibrinolytic Enzymes help to prevent blood clots from growing and becoming problematic

Nutrition Details

Nutrition Details


Available in 30 vegicaps


As a dietary supplement for individuals aged 18 and above. Take one vegicap daily.


Serving size: 1 vegicap

Serving per container: 30

Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Fermented Soybean Extract
(Nattokinase Activity 20,000FU/g)
Red Yeast Rice Powder 100mg
Lecithin 30mg

Other Ingredients: Dextrin, Calcium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

Precaution: Consult a health care professional prior to use if you are on blood thinner, have a medical condition, history of bleeding tendency or soy allergy. Not suitable for children, pregnant or nursing females. Do not use if you are allergic to or taking aspirin. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery or if stomach upset occurs.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight below 30°C. Keep out of reach of children.

Manufactured in Japan.

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